Direct Store Delivery​


With our in-house GPS tracked fleet, ColdHaus provides nationwide direct store delivery for all our brands. We focus on customer service with long standing customer relationships and a capacity for product merchandising.

We work with a smile, a strong resource planning system including dynamic & static routing of all sales plans, and an on-the-spot sales invoicing system ensuring that shelves are never empty. Customers and distribution partners have the flexibility to order our brands utilizing an integrated on-line ordering portal.

Coldhaus Direct Truck

Warehouse, Freight & Fulfillment


Independently operated warehouse facilities & infrastructure nationwide inclusive of 1,000,000 cubic feet of refrigeration and available BRC AA graded and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified warehouse space. ColdHaus provides warehousing, freight, and fulfilment services. These services include an integrated warehouse system which provides full visibility of inventory and batch tracking of all shipments and deliveries with an emphasize on recall and risk assessment.

Our Warehousing, Freight & Fulfillment services provide a single point of contact for the entire supply chain. We have standardized processes via EDI or SFTP, brand and customer record tracking, and driver and sales representative vehicle tracking. We ensure your products and sales are always traceable and secure.

National Account Managment & Sales Agency


Sales execution teams providing national coverage with long-standing customer relationships across multiple verticals of the beverage industry. With a focus on fact based, actionable sales insights and consumer purchase patterns analysis, we make informed high value sales decisions.

Back Office Financial Services​


ERP platform with hosting capabilities of all sales related processes, including invoicing and financial services. ColdHaus provides a variety of financial management services through our national back-office accounting team.

  • Automated payment processing
  • Management of customer deductions
  • Reconciliation & collection of customer account receivables
  • Management of promotional discounts and trade spend programs
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